resume=In high hopes of becoming a detective, the rookie police officer and the first African-American member of the 1970s Colorado Springs Police Department, Ron Stallworth, summons up the courage to do the unthinkable: he applies to enrol in the local Ku Klux Klan chapter. But, is that even possible? With his fellow white Jewish partner, Flip Zimmerman, doing the undercover work, Ron will go to great lengths to expose the nefarious organisation's plans, setting in motion a boldly methodical and outrageous scheme right in the heart of KKK. However, for how long will Ron and Flip be able to keep going their increasingly dangerous charade? /
Writer=Spike Lee, Charlie Wachtel /
star=Laura Harrier /
Duration=135 minute /

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Let’s talk about the story. Spike Lee, in his movie speaks about a secret organisation named the Ku Klux Klan who’s a racist organisation who want to exterminate all black and jewish people, all the people who aren’t white American. To stop the KKK, a black policeman, Ron Stallworth, will infiltrate the KKK with someone else inside the police who’s jewish. Kind of funny don’t you think.
Someday, there will be a great movie made about this unbelievably true story. Unfortunately, this isn’t that movie. Curiosity about this little known but interesting tale, and the relevance of the story to the times we live in, will bring the crowds in to watch the film. But other than these, the movie doesn’t have much going for it. The screenplay, acting and direction were very average, and it is very likely that if this movie were made in more ‘normal’ times, the whole affair would be very forgettable.

Some positives were: I thought John David Washington (Ron Stallworth) and Adam Driver (Phil Zimmerman, aka white Ron Stallworth) acted well, and displayed good acting chemistry between them. The nightclub sequence with the dance played out well, and conveyed the racially charged yet simpler times of the 70s quite well. Topher Grace (David Duke) played the role well – his sophistication and polished language a sharp contrast to the rest of the simple and menial fools that make up the KKK in this film.

This film is really moving because it is based on a true story. Spike Lee is such an amazing film director and once again he did a really good job! His movie is between a comedy and a thriller. I mean here that he talked about the problems of racism in the USA but with a lot of humour and that’s a good point.
I don’t have any other words to say except: don’t miss it.


Throughout the film we will ask ourselves how will they arrived to arrest them without being unmasked.


Now let’s talk more about the cast. Here again Spike Lee did such an amazing job. All actors are good. Every single actor is performing well. John David Washington as Ron Stallworth is, for me, a really good revelation. This movie is certainly at the top of my list of good movies.